Selina Kyle A.K.A Catwoman

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Attention! This is a Gotham City Police Department Public Service Announcement. Several patients have been reported missing from Arkham Asylum and are currently considered escapees, possibly from the island, all citizens need to be aware of the danger they may pose. Each escapee should be handled differently, so a set of instructions will be released for each of them, but it is pertinent that these individuals are never directly approached.

One Selina Kyle, aka ‘Catwoman’ is currently an escape as of May 29, 2010. It is suspected that these escapes are plotting together, creating an army of rouges. The only known members are Ms. Kyle and Mr. Zsasz. There have been reports that the two have been seen at local robberies together.
Selina Kyle can be identified by numerous scars covering her body from a previous attack from Victor Zsasz. It is currently unknown why these two would be working together. She cannot be considered as dangerous as her counterpart as she is is known only to carry a whip and has yet to commit anything more than aggravated assault. She is still considered dangerous as her skills include extreme martial arts and stealth.

And since she is known to travel with Mr. Zsasz, it is advised that all citizens stay within their homes until the escapes are detained, but it is necessary to leave, only travel is groups of no less than four people and stay in well lit and highly traveled routes.

If any of the escapees are spotted it is strongly advised that you seek the nearest shelter and contact local law enforcement immediately. Extreme caution is advised.

Selina Kyle is most remembered as one of Gotham’s most successful models. She had recently been in a serious relationship with Playboy Billionaire, Bruce Wayne, up until her attack by Mr. Zsasz, one of his only survivors. Permanently scared from the attack, she has since inexplicably turned to a life of crime.
Selina was convicted of numerous burglaries, larcenies, and other various forms of theft in the past year. She has committed aggravated assault using a bull whip or some other related weapon when she has been confronted in the past.

“I'm a thief--and stealing is what I do. Not so much for the prize or the possession or even the profit...but for the art of doing it...because I can... and because I'm good."
Details Shots of costume and skin:

All pictured hairs can be found at XM Sims.

She may not require Pets, but if she does, and if I get enough people requesting it, I will go back and change the files so that they are basegame compatible.

Selina Sim, Flapper outfit and related content can be found at my site

Custom Content by Me:
- Catwoman Sim
- Cat Mask by Vampy
- Catwoman Belt by Vampy
- Catwoman Ears by Vampy
- Catwoman Skin by Vampy
- Catwoman Hood by Vampy
- Catwoman Top by Vampy
- Catwoman Pants by Vampy

Custom Content Included:
- [Nymphy] Light Bulb Moment by Nymphy
- Catwoman's Whip by generalzoi
- Female Collar Mesh by aikea-guinea
- Belt Accessory by generalzoi
- Rihanna_Lipcolor_Rouge_Vindicatedmess by vindicatedmess
- Jupiter Eyes by Vampire_aninyosaloh by Vampire_aninyosaloh
- Anva-Vibrant-Shadow-V2-Black-White by Anva
- Subtle Contour Eyeliner - Bruno@MTS2 by Bruno
- Collar - Aikea Guinea @ Club Crimsyn by Aikea Guinea
- Catwoman's Whip by generalzoi
- Layerable Mouth Corner ~(D.Eclipse) by Lunar Eclipse
- Eyeshadow #2 {Louis@SimCribbling} by Louis
- WarlokksTop_36DEnh by Warlokk
- Marvinealphaskirtbottom by Marvine

Additional Credits:
Thanks to:
-Base Boot Texture by evanesco
-Skintone Base Texture by Lyholy

All the creators that submitted all the content for this sim and for havin such open policies that I could include the meshes.

The Nintendorks for helping me out

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