Want Pet Only Doors?

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Originally Posted by shmegel
I made a house that only lets certain sims travel to certain places using pathways and doors. I want the doors to have a lock for all sims except pets, or only allow pets. Is there a way you could allow doors to lock like this?
here is a mod that changes the way the locks on doors work just very slightly.

Without this mod "Lock for all Sims" will stop all people and all pets from going through a door.

With this mod "Lock for all Sims" only stops people going through a door. If you want to also lock the door to Pets (i.e. deadbolt the door so no-one can go through) you must additionally select "Disallow Pets".

So if you want to have a door that only Pets can go through, you just use "Lock for all Sims" and make sure that you don't select "Disallow Pets".

EP Requirements
There are two versions of this download - because the changes that went in for Apartment Life were so pervasive it was too difficult to make a version that worked for all EPs.

If you DO NOT have the Apartment Life Expansion Pack, please download NOT-FOR-APARTMENT-LIFE-door-lock-menus-Mog-20100613.package.

If you have Apartment Life EP, then please download APARTMENT-LIFE-REQUIRED-door-lock-menus-Mog-20100613.package.

I don't know of any mods this clashes with. There is always the possibility of course, so the pertinent information for the owner of the other object is here.

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