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University Mod for use with the Desk Locator

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Uploaded: 3rd Jan 2009 at 11:30 AM
Updated: 11th Sep 2010 at 4:48 PM - Replacement .rar after server problem
Here is the mod required to have university students do their homework on a nominated desk in the same way as children now can using my desk locator. You will need to download the desk locator as well in order for this mod to be of any use to you. Without it, it will do no harm, just be dormant.

It operates in exactly the same way for University students as for children. You place it on the desk you wish them to use, have them claim it as their own and then when they do their assignment (Uni name for homework) they will seek out that desk to do it on.
For university homework, Sims normally look for the closest desk (just as Sim children do) and this is slightly easier to control in the Uni game without custom content. If any desks are in locked dorm rooms, they won't choose them, and if there are none in common areas then they will likely already be using the one in their own room since it is the only one available to them. If however, your Sims are sociable Sims and don't lock people out of their rooms, the nearest desk for one Sim when directed to do their assignment (homework) may be in another Sims room. You can control this a little better with the desk locator. Of course, the same problems exist as with the children's desk - if someone else is using it or something else has been placed on the desk, they will do their homework somewhere else - nearby though, probably sitting on the floor in the same room as the desk locator.

Non-playable dormies
You can make use of this mod with your autonomous dormie room-mates. Using whichever cheating mechanism you favour, make each dormie briefly playable in order to have them claim a desk locator each. You can then make them non-playable again. This will mean that your dormies can also do their homework at a particular desk. It is however not quite as simple as for your controllable Sims (nothing is ever as simple as it should be!).
  • Dormies only successfully use the desk to do their assignment (homework) if it is not in their room. This is something to do with the fact that when they go into their dorm room they don't actually do anything (if you switch into build mode you can see them just standing there even though the thought bubbles from their room might suggest they were sleeping). I don't know whether there is something that can be done to fix this yet - it's rather a major part of how dormies operate.
  • Dormies don't tend to be particularly diligent in doing assignments - often leaving them half finished lying about the place. With the desk locator they would at least leave them lying on their desk (instead of the cafeteria tables). Then they start on another new assignment without first finishing the old one and of course complain that there is something on their desk! This irritant does seem fixable so I will take a look into this
Given these restrictions, if the desk locator is still useful for your non-playable dormie room-mates it does work. Perhaps a study area with a couple of desks and a whole clutter of desk locators all on the one desk - they don't all do assignments at the same time - would at least keep down on the scattering of assignment notebooks around the dining area.

Additional Credits:
Quaxi for SimPEwiki
Rosawyn and inuyasha_babe for the information about making non-playable Sims selectable.