British Style High Street

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Uploaded: 29th Sep 2009 at 8:55 PM
Updated: 9th Nov 2010 at 11:25 PM
I just love the quirky, often ad hoc design that British High Streets in small towns tend to display. Rather than uniform matching designs for each shop, they're all different. I have always wanted to build the same sort of thing for my Sims too and here it is. This lot is a combination lot containing four apartments built above shops of various types in a typical British High Street style.

Each apartment contains one double bedroom, bathroom and an open plan living area, suitable for a single person or couple. Each apartment is modestly furnished for those of you that like to play using the cheat for renting furnished apartments Tutorials:Building_an_Apartment#Renting_Furnishedwiki, including essentials such a telephone, burglar alarm and smoke detector. The open plan living area functions as a dining room, living room and kitchen with space for a study area (desk) ready for that inevitable visit from Mr. Humble! Apartments are from $1382 to $1644.

There are shared stairs for the middle two apartments, with a trash chute on the stairs to be shared by the two nieghbouring apartments. The stairs open out onto the High Street on the front of the building. The two end apartments have stairs up the sides of the overall building.

Coffee Bar (blue door) - There are no working bars in the Base so this is a Coffee Bar instead. If you have other EPs you could add a working bar, or a restaurent.
Fashion store (red door) - Browse, and try on new clothes, make sure you're up-to-date with all the latest fashion. Spacious changing rooms for your convenience, and comfy sofas for the partner in your life. Beautiful jewelry also for sale.
Newsagents (white door) - Magazines, computer games for your entertainment. Grab a quick soda or a snack, or sit down for a more leisurely coffee (self-serve).
Mini-Market (black door) - Stock up on your groceries, fruit, veg and frozen foods.

In order for the shops below the apartments to function properly, i.e. for cashiers to man the cash reigisters, for clothing racks to allow you to buy, etc, you require my global hack. This is not packaged with the lot in order to comply with the MTS upload rules.

EP Requirements
I have deliberately kept this lot a little sparse in order to ensure that the only EP you require is Apartment Life. This lot is built using the AnyGameStarter to ensure no contamination from other EPs (and it has been checked with CleanInstaller). Thus whichever other EPs you have, you can then use to expand upon the decor and even change the shops.

Custom content required but not included
My illuminated shop sign. If you prefer Simlish - you can also get Simlish recolours of these signs at that link.
Menaceman44's Female Adult Mannequin
Menaceman44's Female Evening Dress Mannequin
suggarheart's 20 nice Paintings for your Supermarket or Kitchen


Lot Size: 3x2
Lot Price $1382 to $1644

Additional Credits:
Numenor for the AnyGameStarter.
Everyone who provided feedback on the Creators feedback forum to help me finish this.