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Simple Shifts For Teens, Adults, Young Adults and Elders- Custom and Default

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Uploaded: 1st Nov 2010 at 5:22 AM
Updated: 1st Nov 2010 at 6:12 PM
These files are my effort to give myself plain shifts that will work in my period hood. The default version also functions to replace the Maxis Maternity PJs, so sims will "pop" into these instead of Maxis PJs. These outfits are for all 4 ages, but the teen, adult/young adult and elder each has its own mesh. For the teen and elder recolors to show up, you MUST have the adult files in your game, because only the adult files contain actual textures. The others are references. Each mesh has a working fat morph, and the teen and adult/young adult meshes have working pregnancy morphs.

What is Included in the Zips
This includes a default replacement for the Maxis bodypajamas classic meshes and textures. Because teens, adults, young adults and elders share the textures in the game, this default replaces all of those ages. It also is used by the game as the default maternity pjs, so with my defaults installed sims will "pop" into the elbow sleeved shifts instead of the maxis pjs.

Remember that with Defaults there can be only one for any mesh, so make sure you take out any other defaults for these pjs before using this one.

Custom Elbow Sleeve Mesh and Recolors
These are the same as the defaults but custom versions that can be used as undies, swim and athletic as well as pjs. It also makes all colors available for all ages. The adult files have the textures

Alpha Mesh and Recolors
A shift with alpha editable sleeves, so that it can be adapted for different types of gowns worn. This zip includes 3 meshes (adult/young adult, elder andd teen) with 3 alpha edits: short sleeves, elbow sleeves (pic below) and long fitted sleeves (pic attached). There are 3 colors for each alpha edit. The adult files contain the textures. The others are just references. These will show up as athletic, undies, swim and pjs.

I hope some of you find a use for these. Please let me know if you have any issues. Comments are always appreciate. Thanks for looking and for reading this far

Polygon Counts:
Alpha Mesh (all ages) 2428 Faces 1726 Vertices

Default Elbow Sleeve Mesh (all ages) 1912 Faces and 1334 Vertices

Additional Credits:
Hair meshes are by
Nouk and XM Sims
Hair Recolors are by: Almighty Hat