Basic Wood Siding

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Uploaded 26th Nov 2010 at 1:31 PM

I recently went and purged 99.7% of my custom siding. Post-purge, I had...not much left. I use siding a lot, though, and I don't always want to use the same kind/style/color range of siding. I wanted something multi-purpose and basic, something plain and without trim. So I made some. I made a basic medium-wide vertical siding, a basic medium-wide horizontal siding, and a basic narrower diagonal siding, and then I created a ton of colors that I like. I thought I'd share 20 of them. These are the light/medium neutrals and a few pastels that are probably the most widely-useful colors that I made. There is a horizontal, a vertical, and a diagonal version of each of the 20 colors, so there is a total of 60 walls in this download.

Here are the colors included:

The overall idea is that you can mix and match siding directions on your house without using a different color (unless you want to use more than one color, of course), which is a very easy way to add exterior interest. In any case, the vertical and horizontal textures were created from scratch by me. The diagonal texture is a slightly edited version of Maxis's diagonal, because I like it well enough and because trying to get my own texture to tile properly and look nice on the diagonal proved...frustrating.

Here are some in-game pics of some of the colors, so that you can see each version. There are a few more attached below:

And here is a sample house, so that you can see an example of how these look together on a house. The color used is Summit Sunrise, and the front of this house is facing away from the light, so you can see what that color looks like on "dark" walls:

As always, I hope that you will find these useful in your own building projects!