Medieval Braies Undergarments for Males

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Uploaded: 10th Dec 2010 at 12:09 AM
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Braies are a type of undergarment worn by males during the later middle ages. Loose fitting, braies usually hung to the knees or lower. About the waist is an adjustable drawstring for keeping ones drawers from fallling down, and attached near the sides are lacing loops, by which one can draw the lower part of the shorts-like garment upwards, or attach chauses (a hose or stocking-like garment, sometimes with attached feet).

These braises are worn looped up, and without chauses, sewn of sturdy linen in natural cream, and white.

Available for males in Adult, Young Adult, Elder, Teen, and child sizes; they may be selected as underwear, PJ, swimwear, or athletic-wear (with the exception of Child, who does not have athletic wear).

Polygon Counts:
Adult, Elder, Young Adult Mesh - 2126 polygons
Teen Mesh - 2126 polygons
Child Mesh - 2126 polygons