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Medieval Hair-all ages Male Coif

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Uploaded: 13th Mar 2011 at 6:25 AM
More medieval hair, I made a linen coif for male sims toddler to elders. A coif is a cap that covers the top sides and back of the head. You can read more about coifs here I used the toddler curly hair as a base for this one because I really like those curls.

The hair comes in the four basic colors with gray linked to the black, it was binned with CatOfEvilGenius's new tool. This one is maxis match because I was unable to use the psd AlmightyHat made me. For the coif texture I used the same mash up of a few seamless linen textures I used on my female coif. You also get a burlap coif for your serfs because Vampire_of_Death suggested it.

Polygon Counts:
am coif Faces=1112 Vertices=700
tm coif Faces=1112 Vertices=700
cm coif Faces=968 Vertices=617
pm coif Faces=1026 Vertices=647

Additional Credits:
Toddler tunics are mine, unreleased (soon though!)
Male outfits by AlmightyHat
Shrine, geese and haystack by Kativip
Stunning Medieval walls by Sherahbim

AlmightyHat, Sunni, Eva,Lady Lama, Wawa, Meshy, Nonni, Morganna, hazelred, Vampire_of_Death, slar, whitewaterwood for their suggestions and opinions.