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Car wreck as junk pile

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Uploaded: 28th Mar 2011 at 6:32 PM
Updated: 11th Apr 2011 at 1:44 PM
A GTA car i once converted for the sims 2 now as car wreck in sims 3

The mesh
Fixed alot of things, remapped some stuff etc etc
Its a low polygon mesh with high polygon rims.
Has one high and one low detail.(same meshes are used to create the shadows)
Has one Geostate(or none geostate....), see screenshots

Comes in 3 designes
-rust model with dirt on the details
-Same as above but with a burned overlay(stencil)
-Shiny version with the original textures(once done by me)
included are 2 patterns, the castiron from EP2 and a kinda cracked glass pattern i made.
You can recolor:
The windows
The body
The chrome
The interior

How does it work
I cloned a junk pile and changed mesh, textures, materials, slots and disabled the sparkling
Works the same as a junk pile, atleast 6 slots are available to collect junk
When all the junk is collected the car will change into the geostate.
Geostate is without:
Left door and glass window
license plates
front bumper
front seat
2 backwheels

How do i find it ingame
Not all category's worked so its a bit hard to find:
Name: Car wreck
Buy category/by function/decoration/show all/then click cc only and it will pop right up.
Its available for both community and living but when placing it on a lot sims will ripp it apart quickly
cost: 175

Issues(not really)
I wanted a hole in the windows and the option to recolor them wich i only managed by choosing the phong alpha material, works great.
Then i also tried to crack the whole window by making a pattern for it but patterns cause alot bleeding through.
Just pick a solid color to avoid the bleeding if you dont like the fully cracked window, the hole will still be there.

The scrap/junkpiles comes randomly with or without junk in them, same with the car.
Sometimes you only get the geostate(no door/window etc), just repick to fix.

There are no shadows for the non geostate parts(left door and window/front seat etc)
I didn't want those shadows when the car was ripped, so i left them out.

Polygon Counts:
high detail = 10397(none geostate is lower)
low detail = 6948(none geostate is lower)

Additional Credits:
Made with TSRW