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Bruno's "Eyelights" Eyeshadow as BaseGame DEFAULT Replacements

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Uploaded: 2nd Apr 2011 at 10:55 PM
Updated: 16th Apr 2011 at 9:12 PM
Like the tin says...

I had some other basegame eyeshadow defaults - and they were wonderful - but, I kept gravitating to these shadows instead. Bruno did excellent work on these! They are subtle, yet well defining, they look great on every skintone and are enabled for all ages/genders. I think they are the best choice for everyday wear. So, I defaulted them. (Which means they will show up in your catalog in place of the Maxis eyeshadows.) And, in case anyone else out there agrees with me, here they are. Please see Bruno's thread for more info about these eyeshadows.

Margaux, above, loves the way Bruno's Eyelights in 'Twilight' compliments her rich skintone. Many shadows, she says, do not blend well with darker colored skins. She is also wearing my new LipGloss and Natural Lip Overlays (*plug, plug* - Thank you, Margaux!)

The chart below (taken from Bruno's thread) shows all the eyeshadows offered in this series. I have added the little scribbles about what was defaulted - or not. Please remember to take Bruno's original shadows out of your game - the idea is to de-clutter your catalog; you don't need both.

Now, there are 11 basegame eyeshadows and 16 "Eyelights" shadows...

If you want ALL the shadows AND to have them all together in the basegame/end of your catalog, then please download BOTH of my files. One file has just the defaults - for those who don't need everything (I know you're out there... somewhere... *grrrr*) The other file has the edited/moved eyeshadows. (If, for some reason, you want to keep the original files - that I did NOT default - in your catalog right where they lay now - these are the shades to keep: Drop Curtain, Headshot, Red Carpet, Spotlight, and View Finder.)

ALL the shadows are properly named/tool-tipped (though you won't see that unless you're in Debug Mode) and they all have their original thumbnails. Which means:


Enjoy! And, if you do - please hit that little button over there. Thanks!

Additional Credits:
The amazing Bruno! They're his pretties!!!
CatOfEvilGenius for teaching me how to default things.
Huge Lunatic for her BG Eyeshadow Default template.
Bruno. Did I mention Bruno?
And, SimPE.