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Evil in its self - Fancy dress(es) for your evil dollies!

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Uploaded: 26th Apr 2011 at 10:41 PM
Updated: 11th Oct 2014 at 4:15 PM
An evil ruler of a distance galaxy?
A fantasy queen in the deepest woods, who's bound to the darkness?
Witches flying over your poor sims head?
They have something more in common than they're just elegant evil ladies. They want to embrace their evil powers and elegant yet sexy taste at the clothing front. Here's the solution!

I present to you, a hand-painted creation for your dollies - Evil in its self (A name that probably suits your simmies xD)


Colours from left : green, purple, red and turquoise.


Colours from left : green, purple, red and turquoise.


The mesh is by Club Crimsyn (Gelydh) and it's included in the .RAR archive.
This is my first upload at MTS and I hope you'll enjoy it! This poor project have just collected dust in my project map since October 2010. But some days ago I finally polished it and took pics

Don't forget to hit the thanks button and write a comment if you like it!

Additional Credits:
ClubCrimsyn (Gelydh) for the awesome mesh this re-colour is based on!
And as for the CC on the models:
Green sim:
Hair, skin and horns - SalixTree at Parsimonious ( Note: Please note that the hair-section at Parsimonious doesn't exist longer D: )
Blush - arrtisst36
Eyeshadow - Bruno
Eyes, lips - me.

Purple sim:
Skin, hair - SalixTree at Parsimonious
Eyes, eye-liner - me

Red sim:
Skin - Pooklet
Hair - Rose sims2 (free)
Eyes, eye-liner - me
Eye-shadow, lips - Bruno

Turquoise sim:
Skin - Enayla
Hair - Sizz
Eyes - me.

I'd also like to thanks my dear friends and the folks over at thesims.se for all feedback!