Sim Center Open Arena

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Uploaded: 8th Jul 2011 at 2:53 PM
Ah, soccer. Or "football" as it were. The game of champions ..?

This lot is themed around soccer and has all the items to make your sims comfortable.

This lot is mostly to serve as a decoration piece for your hoods. Perhaps for movies or a place to have your UNI sports fanatic kids hang out. It has been tested in a clean game with no problems.

It is a large lot filled with lots of stuff, so it may cause a sluggish game for some of you.

This Lot REQUIRES my Sim Center Creation Set >

When you walk in from the street there will be no getting lost! The large signs light up the way, and let your sims know what its all about.

There's also a gift shop to buy some magazines, clothing and even a cellphone!

Just up from that is the Food Stand which sells the best burgers and hotdogs in town. They were rated 5 stars from the Sims National Food Judging Service!

If you don't feel like stopping at the food stand and paying someone to cook for you, well do it your self then at the BBQ area.

The theme here is the red team versus the blue team, so there is two stocked locker rooms in the appropriate colors.

The field area is huge and sports two soccer nets already to go. Benches warm the side field, allowing those star athletes take a break ... if you let them. There is also a track which, in my experience, your sims never want to run around fully. They prefer to sit at the hotdog stand.

Do you work at this lot? Are you the announcer? Well, what are you doing down here?! Head up to the announcers box so you can comment on the game already!

The stands have more seating then sims alive, so you wont have to worry about a place to sit.

There are two open door bathrooms that anyone can use, and even a decorative baby change station where you could theoretically change the baby you did not take to the game with you.

So, if you have any improvements, additions, re-editions, auditions... may do so. You can offer this as a FREE download on your site, or others as well. Never sell my junk or attempt to. If anything it will make me cry. You dont want to see a grown woman cry do you? Anyways, just always link back to this thread , any required content, and at least keep my name on it ok?

Have fun with this lot!

Lot Size: 6x6
Lot Price: 259,635