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Rugs Gone Wild . . . . Wild, Wild West Pt 2

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Uploaded: 28th Jul 2011 at 6:16 PM
When your dusty, tired Sims come in after a hard day driving cattle on the open range, nothing will cheer them more than relaxing with their toes resting on a Western styled rug.

In Part 2, I bring you more recolors of the Organically Atomic floor rug from the Pets EP.

"Cowboy Gear"


The "Conch" rug.

"Oaky Cabin"
RUGS GONE WILD PT 2 includes the following:
1. Autumn - 2 rug recolors with acorn and oak leaf design motifs.
2. Bear-Arcorn - 2 rug recolors with bears and acorns along the borders. Goes well with the Autumn set.
3. Brands Light- Rug recolor with ranch brands along the border design and throughout the body of the rug.
4. Horses - 3 rug recolors with various horse designs.
5. Conch - A rug recolor with a conch motif.
6. Cowboy Gear - Rug recolor with cowboy gear in the border design.
7. Oaky Cabin - A rug with a cabin in the woods.

These rugs will work great in cabins, craftsman type homes, and bachelor pads as well as your Old West type buildings.

All the rugs are recolors of the Organically Atomic rug in the Pets Ep. You will need that for them to show up in-game.

You can see pics of the whole series at RUGS GONE WILD

Additional Credits:
Kudus to MTS, SimPe, and all you Sims 2 addicts.