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4to2 Tie-Dyed Recolors of Play Tent

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Uploaded: 17th Oct 2022 at 4:58 AM

Seven fun recolors of HugeLunatic's Sims 4 Play Tent conversion using Lauren Cheerio's "Tie-Dyed" Sims 4 recolors.

Mesh not included, you can find it HERE. The play tent is found under Children for 500s.

Lauren Cheerio's Sims 4 recolors can be found HERE on MTS.

A big thanks to Lauren Cheerio for graciously giving me permission to use and share her textures, and thank you to HugeLunatic for all the stuff you've shared with us over the years and your great guidance.

**I just saw that I typo'd HugeLunatic's name in my cover shot. I apologize. It's going to be like that in all my recolor sets. Sorry.