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Useful and realistic Maxis fence recolors

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Uploaded: 5th Aug 2011 at 9:52 PM
After playing The Sims 2 for years, and having SimPE, I finally figured out how to recolor some build objects. There are several attractive, useful and/or realistic fences and edging that I always wanted in different colors, so I decided to tackle a few.

Railroad Tie Fence - this is actually edging more than fencing. This recolor was born out of the need for some roof and deck edging in black that wasn't too small, or to large. After looking at the options, the railroad tie seemed to be the perfect choice. I left the spikes metal-colored, and the ties are now a deep rich black wood. It looks almost Art-Deco-ish IMHO - totally unintended but quite elegant I think

Relvet Vope Fence - Not every place that needs queue lines is in a red and chrome color scheme. So I made the rope in black and white, and added a brass/gold option for a total of four different options. These work perfect for clubs, theaters, restaurants and art galleries/museums. Now these should coordinate with almost any decor - YAY!

Splendid Partition Fence - This is really almost a full height glass wall actually. I loved the Euro collection when it came out, but I really hated to always throw some aqua or turquoise accents in a room or building every time I used the white version (I'm anal retentive about things matching or at least coordinating). Someone did a pure white set of most of the Euro build items, but I didn't see this one so I did it myself to complete their collection.

So that's that in a nutshell. I hope you enjoy these and find them as useful and realistic as I do...

I have every EP and SP, so I'm not positive about the requirements, but I THINK the Railroad Tie is base game, the Relvet Vope is from Nightlife, and the Splendid Partition is from Open For Business.

Please use them at will - no need to ask permission or thank me if you upload them with lots and such. But feel free to tell me what you think - positive and negative feedback is always encouraged!

Additional Credits:
They are Maxis recolors, so I can't take much credit for the objects themselves. Thanks of course to MTS and to SimPE for making recolors and sharing them possible.