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~ Shayla ~ NV 9.0 Raonjena #104

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Uploaded: 20th Dec 2011 at 11:23 PM
~ Shayla ~


This hair mesh may not be suitable for low-end computers and low-end graphics users.

This hair mesh has a fairly high polygon count of just over 13,000 polygons so I advise caution and careful consideration about downloading this hair for your game. If you have a computer running your games on lower pc specs with a lower end graphic card it may (or may not!) cause graphic issues, lagging and other problems. Due to the high polygon count I would also advise gamers not to give more than one female sim this hair on any lot!

Thank you to Raonsims for giving permission to retexture and recolour your lovely meshes for free.The mesh file does NOT come with this download, you can download the mesh free from Raonsims here:


(If you are not a member and having issues getting this file you can sign up for free to get the mesh file).

Today I bring you ~ Shayla ~ 12 retextures/recolours of this cute, plaited hairstyle from Raonsims.com. Made for your female sims of all ages, I wanted to give this set my NV 9.0 textures and although it's not the best mesh file I've seen at Raonsims it was fun to recolour. Happy that my textures look really shiny and pretty on this girlie plait I thought it would be nice to share with you all.

Naturals NV 9.0

Black - Black, Blue-Black, Red-Black
Brown - Brown, Dark-Brown, Chestnut
Blonde - Blonde, Dark-Blonde, Gold-Blonde
Red - Red, Ginger, Mahogany

Thanks so much to CatOfEvilGenius for creating the new hair binning tool I have used to bin these recolours. All recolours in this set are colour binned/familied for your female sims of all ages, with greys linked to the blondes for your elders.

PLEASE NOTE: I have chosen the decustomized option for binning the hair colours so this means you will find each recolour in the same area as your Maxis base game hair colours, without the little star in the thumbnails like custom colours usually have. Although they will appear in your base game colour areas they will NOT replace any default maxis hairs or PeggyZone recolours (if you have those you will end up with both recolour sets). These hairs are completely custom even though I've chosen to bin them this way.

All recolours are base-game compatible, no EPs required.

All sims modelling the hair-styles in these pictures are in clothing that can be downloaded free at:




**All of the cosmetics and genetics used in these pictures are NOT included with the hair recolours, you must visit the artist pages to download them.** - Please see credits below for links.

All recolours are in one WinRAR folder for your convenience.

Please don't forget to say "thanks".


Additional Credits:
Credit for the hair mesh used in this recolour set belongs to Raonsims.com. I am NOT the creator of this hair mesh - I am merely the texturist/colourist of this recolour set. For further information about Raonsims property rights policy, please visit their policy page here:


Credit and thanks belong to these awesome MTS artists for the use of their skintones, eyes and makeup in these pictures:

-Shady - - Sparkling Eyes - (Default Replacements)

astiees - Naturally Idealized Skins

Thanks so much to you both for such great custom genetics and makeups for my sims.

Lip glosses used in these pictures are free for download at:


Thanks and credit also belong to CatOfEvilGenius here at MTS - http://www.modthesims.info/member.php?u=685127
for the hair binning tool - http://www.modthesims.info/d/434016

All of these textures and recolours are copyright to me. NO uploading to anywhere else online as your own work, please link back to this page and let me know if you wish to use these in your creations. Free for use in your games, pictures, galleries.