Lady Gaga - The Fame Era

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Uploaded: 28th Jan 2012 at 11:10 PM
Updated: 28th Jan 2012 at 11:58 PM
Hey everyone, im back with my newest creation who is my lifes inspiration. Thats right, Lady Gaga! Now firstly, i gotta thank everyone in the creator feedback forum, you guys are amazing, you's helped me so much! Now as for the content. The hair is a recolour of CoolSims hair by me which i have included, but u must get the mesh here. And its hair 32. The skintone is based on @stefan's. The outfit by me is included with the mesh. The eyelashes are edited by me, but they are by Fashion Republic. They are included.

Custom Content by Me:
- Lady Gaga
- Lady Gaga Skin
- Cool Sims Hair recolour
- Bruno Lips recolour
- Gaga Lashes
- Oragami Dress
- Oragami Dress Mesh

Custom Content Included:
- Eyes by @Stefan
- Eyeshadow by Bruno
- Eyeliner by Bruno
- Blush by barcelonista
- Eyeball Shadow by simplelife
- Mouth Shadow by simplelife
- Under Eye Shadow simplelife
- Mouth Corner Shadow by simplelife
- Eye Corner Shadow simplelife
- Teeth by Wicked_Poppies