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Well Rounded Sims Female Adult - New sportswear - Recolour

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Uploaded: 18th Aug 2012 at 11:08 AM
Well Rounded Sims are a new body size created by Dr Pixel. This download includes a new sportswear, it's a recolour I made.

It has blue shorts and shoes, and a light printed t-shirt as you can see here:

and here:

Make sure you download the mesh needed from Dr Pixel's MTS-Site otherwise the sportswear won't show up in your game:
In the link there is only one dowload file, but it contains 3 meshes. For my sportswear recolour you need only the mesh called "MESH_DPXL0507wrFAswim". (You'll see the names of the 3 meshes after you have unpacked the zip-file.)

Hope you like it and have fun with it in game!

Additional Credits:
Thanks to Dr Pixel for his Well Rounded Body Mesh!

Thanks Honeywell for your punching bag - my sims appriciate it (-;

And thanks to all the meshers so that I can use their custom content in my game and pics!