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More Vampire Powers V2.0

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Uploaded: 22nd Oct 2012 at 4:39 PM
Updated: 4th Feb 2014 at 6:39 PM
Update Info

V2.0 - Tested with Patch Version 1.42 ~~ 1.50 ~~ 1.55 ~~ 1.57

-Added Spanish and Italian translations [thanks RedRaider007 and LukeProduction]

-Added Russian and German translations [thanks sh1ny and tbsman]

-Interactions no longer available while swimming [pool or ocean/lakes]

-Vampires with the Immortal LTR can now control other vampires and fairies [read the info text for more details]

-Added an small animation while teleporting

V1.5 - Tested with Patch Version 1.39

-Imported some files from Supernatural, should work with either Late Night or Supernatural + Showtime now. [Tested with LN + Showtime using Any Game Starter]

-Added more flexibility of the interactions for vampires with the Immortal Lifetime Reward.

This mod came from my displease with the "updated vampires" that EA announced a few weeks before Supernatural launch.
I was really hoping for some more features, so I decided to try my luck and look up at some modding tutorials around a week before the EP launch.
So here it is, this is a Script Mod that adds three new interactions for your vampires.

Mind Control
Like the Genie's Ensorcel interaction, this one gives you full control of the other Sim for four hours, until the moodlet is removed.

Release Control
As the name says, this remove the Ensorcelled moodlet and cause the poor thing to pass out for a while.

Vampire Themed Teleport
This one I wanted for a long time, since back with Late Night. Like your usual Teleport, allows you to poof from one place to another, but now with 120% more bats and 0% sparks.

All interactions are available under a "Vampire..." path in the Pie Menu for vampires who are Children to Elder and ONLY during the night.

Mind and Release Control also require the Genius trait.
More detailed info about requirements/restrictions in the text file that follows the mod package.

This mod was build and tested with Patch Version 1.38, using all Expansion Packs.
Also tested with just Showtime + Supernatural using Any Game Starter.

Note that I don't know if it works with previous patches.
If you are willing to test it with an older/newer patch, make sure to backup your Save files at least. Moreover, report in the comments the results.

This mod should be compatible with XML/Tunning mods. Twallan mods (Master Controller, MC Cheats, Register, Debug Enabler and Overwatch) are also working with mine. (Again, Patch Version 1.38)
I don't know about Core mods, as I'm not using any.

Additional Credits:
Enirei - Mod, which served me as base model while learning the process and additional help
Twallan - Mods in general and help with a question I had
TigerM - Smooth Jazz Tool
CmarNYC - Easy STBL Editor
jonha - Any Game Starter
And pretty much all the Creators of S3PE and the tutorials that I found around