Christian Hippieism Major

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This is based on the Art major (How fitting for a hippie) I have yet to create a career for it if I ever will. The Classes are as follows:

1. Drum Circles & Tie Dye: The Arts and the Sciences

2. Nature at her Best: Organic Gardening & Permaculture

3. The True Meaning of the Peace Sign

4. Passive Protests for the RIGHT cause

5. Holistic Health 1: Growing your Meds

6. Holistic Health 2: Alternative Healing

7. Yoga and Tai-Chi: Natural Fittness Nice and Slow

8. Spritiual Growth WITHOUT a pill

Below are the Skills associated with this major:

Creativity: 5
Cooking: 4
Charisma: 4
Body: 1
Cleaning: 1
Logic: 1

I hope you enjoy this, I surely will. Good Luck, and Peace.