Herbal Medicine University Major

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Uploaded: 10th Nov 2013 at 3:23 PM
I am an herbalist myself so I thought it would be fun and rather practical for me to create a Herbal Medicine Major and Career set for my Sims (and yes that means I WILL at some point create a set of Careers to match this major ). Below is a list of all the information for this Major:

Name: Herbal Medicine

1. Why drugs aren't optimal.

2. Building Your Apothecary 1: The Classic Herb Garden.

3. Building Your Apothecary 2: Bottling Botanicals 101.

4. Botanical Vocabulary: Glyseriza Glabwa?!

5. Identifying Plants 1: How not to kill yourself.

6. Identifying Plants 2: How not to kill others.

7. Alternative Healing 1: Eating yourself well! Healing Through Nutrition.

8. Alternative Healing 2: Don't rub me the wrong way! Massage Therapy for Dummies.[B/]

This major uses the following skills:


This major once finished will have your Sim at level 5 in these skills.

P.S. I am not spamming or anything, but if anyone would like to follow any of my real life herbal stuff here is a link ( http://no-nonsense-herbalism.blogspot.com/ ) Its not necessary but I thought you might want to peak.