The Boxing Career

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Uploaded: 11th Mar 2013 at 10:59 PM
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The Boxing Career

Everyone is aware that there is an “Athletic Career” choice within the Sims. I've decided to make some
variety to that career by creating a custom Athletic Career called the “Boxing Career”. I wanted to create this career because it seemed as if the Athletic Career seemed to need something for people who were tired of choosing the same career for their active Sims. Also, I've always been intrigued with boxing even though I'm not a big fan. I admire the endurance that Boxers have and the way of training.

The “Boxing Career” is what you have to look forward to in this upload. This career has 10 levels and is for the adults. You will be starting off as a regular boxing club member who will eventually learn the essentials to becoming a strong,determined fighter. I would recommend that your Sim has some body skills and
Charisma skills just to get a head start. At the end of your Sim's Journey he/she will reach the top at “Professional Fighter”.

To create this level, I did a little bit of research on what the career is about. To start off as a Boxer, your mind must be made up and determined. I was on and off of this customized career. It did take me quite some time to make sure everything was nice and fitted. I had fun creating the icon for the career the most. Now it's time to talk about what to really look forward to
in my custom career.

1. Boxing Club Member- Your sim is either thinking 2 of these things:” I'm tired of just watching people live their boxing dream. Why not just take part of it?” Or “ I just simply want to join
a boxing club just to see how far I can go. As a boxing club member, your sim will begin to understand the meaning of determination. Your sim will be under a boxing instructor and he/she must do what they are told. It doesn't matter if the instructor wants you to make him a protein shake or do some heavy lifting. Hours- 9AM-12-PM Wage=50$

2.Basic Boxing Trainee- Your sim is getting more serious with his/her goal of becoming a boxer. The training is more rigorous than it was and your sim must learn how to hurt themselves too much.
Hours- 9AM-3PM Wage=238$

3. Physical Trainee in Boxing- And you thought things were already hard? After learning the basics of boxing your Sim has got to the serious point of sacrificing his/her favorite foods. At this point, your sim will really need to enhance their body skill and maintain stamina. Your sim will have to make sure that they are resting and getting their nutrition. Hours- 9AM-3PM Wage=322

4. Boxing Amateur Trainee- Your sim has learned the essentials of having rhythm speed, stamina and power. Not only that , your sim has stepped away from the basic gym and now ready for a more advance amateur gym where they can fight other aspiring boxers for sport. Hours-9AM-3PM Wage= 420

5. Brawler- Your sim has gained arrogance along side of his/her confidence. Your sim is now head to head and fist with other aspiring fighters for cash and prizes. Hours-2PM-6PM Wage=539

6. Amateur Boxer- Your sim has made an exit on his/her less humble days. Your sim is now beginning to learn the value of a good reputation and is taking more pride in the ring. During This process, your sim is also keeping an eye out for a manager. Hours- 9AM-3PM Wage= 893

7. Inspirational Amateur Boxer- Your sim has gained popularity within the town. Although your sim's career is based on pounding other people, others have managed to see past that and is able to see it as a testimony of perseverance. Hours-9AM-4PM Wage= 1,190

8. Well Known Amateur Boxer- Your sim is at the point of his/her career where they gain access to professional fighters and outstanding parties. There may be a chance that your sim will stumble on a worthy manager. Hours- 9AM-4PM Wage= 1.488

9. Boxing Champ- Everything seems to be going well. Your sim has gained popularity and can actually look at all his/her trophies and belts that they have earned. Your sim will be working longer hours at this point in the career. Yet, your sim can't be too tired to look out for a manager. Hours- 2PM- 8PM Wage= 3,750

10. Professional Fighter- Your sim has finally made it to the top. They are not alone while at the top. Your sim has made it this far and he/she will have to stay by fighting the competition literally. Your sim will be at a satisfying position . Hours- 8AM-2PM Wage=5,250

Further Details: Since I'm still trying to figure out how to create a boxing uniform mesh, your sim will have to do by wearing athletic wear in the first 7 levels of the Career. In the next 3 levels, your sim will dress in suit. I'm sure boxers don't go around in their boxing clothes all the time anyway. This career does have chance cards. I worked really hard on this career and added beneficial chance cards. These cards are just what they are. They may give you an advantage in this career. Some chance cards will give you access to extra cash. Some will allow you to gain skill and promotions.

Additional Credits:
Thanks to SimPE, Forums on the Sport of boxing, Photoshop, Gimp2, and Yahoo images.