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8 Everyday Plumbob Jackets:Recolor of base game jackets

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Uploaded: 26th Mar 2013 at 9:01 AM
About a month ago, I created these jacket recolors due to the fact that there weren't many of them in maxis versions. I wanted to make many jackets that come in different recolors. I call this the "Plumbob Jacket". This jacket has a plumbob image on the back and front. The colors provided in this package are, "Red, Orange, Yellow, Green,Blue,Brown,White,and Black"

You can find this jacket in the adult male "Everyday Wear" in the tops area.

Additional Credits:
For this upload I used mainly Photoshop. Only portions of the jacket was created in Adobe Illustrator. Sims2 body shop was used to create these recolors. Last, yahoo images supplied the image of the plumbob.