An Auspicious Naman: Indian Naming Mod

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Uploaded: 2nd Apr 2013 at 8:35 PM
Naman: “In Hinduism, naman, that is, a person’s name, is believed to encompass within itself the fundamental nature of a person. It is also believed that the name of a person also affects the character of the bearer of that name.” –Wikipedia

Names vary from region to region in India, but the importance of name choice is widespread. Hindus, especially, will choose a name they feel to be auspicious based on the child’s astrological sign. It is common to name boys after heros or gods, and girls after flowers, goddesses, or precious stones.

This mod was requested by neilnaik years ago, and I sadly forgot about it, until now! Sorry about the long wait! But it fits right in with the Multicultural theme.

A large collection of Indian names from various sources. I was a bit out of my usual element, here, dealing with modern names for once. Unlike my other name mods, this one’s data comes mostly from baby name sites, so I can’t vouch for its total authenticity, but hopefully it is close enough to give your game the flavor of India that you may be looking for.

There are 295 male first names, 193 female first names, and a whopping 1,371 last names (because I never know when to stop) so there should be plenty of variety in your townies’ names. Here are some samples.

If you’ve never used a mod like this, simply unzip the Live.package and place it in your downloads folder. Do not rename it, or the game will not recognize it for what it is. Remember, you can only have one of this type of default replacement in your game at one time. If you’ve been using another naming mod, please remove it from the downloads folder first! Once the file is in place, all newly spawned townies and NPCs will be named using my lists of names. Old townies and NPCs will still keep their old names.

If, at a later date, you grow tired of my file, or find another you like better, simply delete it, and the game will go back to normal.

I sincerely hope you enjoy this mod, I had fun researching and making it!