Modified NPC and Townie Names

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Uploaded 17th Jul 2007 at 4:02 AM

[size=4][color=indigo]What This Does:[/header1]

This mod consists of new lists of first and last names for NPC and townies. Any new NPCs or townies that are created when you have this mod installed will get a name chosen randomly from these lists. This should not effect any current NPCs or townies - just new ones.

This mod is best used on a brand new fresh neighborhood. I created a clean custom 'hood and all my sims now have my names, which is really nice. You can see the names of my 'hood's townies, generated with this mod installed, in the screenshot.

This mod is enabled for US and UK English games. Names will not change if your game is installed in another language, and names will be different if you later change your game language to something other than US or UK English.


There are quite a few names - over 400 for each gender and I've randomized the lists, so there should be plenty of diversity in your 'hoods.

I have chosen names with a sound I enjoy. Mostly these consist of names that have English, Irish, and Jewish origins. I also love biblical names, names from history and mythology, and names like Temperance and Chastity for females. There aren't a ton of "odd" names thrown in, but there are some.

The names of all of my own sims are also in there, first and last, too, so you may end up with a few "de Muse" simmies of your own.

[b]Random Sampling of Male Names:
Horatio, Kade, Lewis, Lucius, Asher, Perry, Vernon, Marius, Jaden, Thomas, Jacob, Waylon, Robbie, Oz, Virgil, Israel, Deimos, Ken, Mordecai, Caelan, Gideon, Quinn, Wayland, Steve, Whitaker, Clint, Stephan, Ross, Damon, Wilbur, Linus, Remus, Severian, Ricky, Jair, Warren, Sebastian, Patrick, Lane, Chris, Hermes, Tucker, Freddie, David, Emmanuel, Jordan, Paul, Jarret, Elwin, Thad, Sterling

Random Sampling of Female Names: Diana, Andraste, Celeste, Carissa, Makenzie, Dana, Claudia, Joanna, August, Catherine, Bella, Yasmine, Emily, Jane, Merit, Deanna, Alice, Pamela, Sharon, Cecily, Callista, Mya, Tabitha, Andromeda, Violet, Molly, Jacqueline, Kiersten, Monica, Tatiana, Harmony, Eileen, May, Patricia, Sophie, Labrys, Lara, Beverly, Delia, Evelyne, Jessi, Lynne, Cate, Sunnie, Maxine, Nerissa, Frankie, Virginia, Gabrielle, Shannon, Joanne

Random Sampling of Last Names: Sexton, Marlow, Cohen, Lewis, Frost, Meier, Beck, Novak, Corax, Summerfield, Kravitz, Raines, Weaver, Newton, Tinker, Howe, Gibson, Whitaker, Lane, Garcia, Prescott, Shine, Henson, Morena, Brewer, Clarke, Sherman, Dickens, Burton, Faulkner, Royal, Irving, Spears, Travis, Fitzpatrick, Wallis, Crane, Jephson, Landau, Byrd, Nichols, Ainsworth, Roth, Chapman, Patrick, Freeman, Mercy, Darby, Roman, Thomas, Tyson

[size=4][color=indigo][b]Want Different Names?[/header1]

I realize that this particular mixture of names may not be to everyone's liking. I don't intend any social statement by the names I've chosen - they're merely the sound I like for my 'hood. If you would like to make your own custom list, it's entirely possible to do. Check out the information given by jordi on this thread. I'm not going to be doing any more flavors of this - I made it for my own use and I'm sharing as I haven't seen many/any alternate name lists besides jordi's.


Many thanks go to jordi for his original name mod which this is based on, as well as the text-to-text list converter and instructions in the thread.

Thanks to Quaxi and everyone who has contributed to the creation and development of SimPE.

And of course, thanks always to the rest of the MTS2 staff, especially Delphy, for creating a place where I could learn to do cool stuff like this.

[size=4][color=indigo][b]Installation Instructions:[/header1]

Extract the Live.package file from the rar archive. Place the Live.package file in your My Documents\EA Games\The Sims 2\Downloads folder like most .package files.

Jordi's original thread said that some people have problems if you rename the file, so for best results, please do not rename the file. If you do so, it may not work.