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Final Fantasy VIII: Selphie Tilmitt

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Uploaded: 28th Apr 2020 at 6:48 PM
Updated: 5th Aug 2020 at 6:36 AM
Selphie is another character in FFVIII who, like the other four, was an orphan, and becomes a cadet for SeeD: a mercenary organization doing missions around the world. Her cheerfulness and childlike behavior makes one unlikely to think that she can wield a nunchaku, her weapon of choice. She is skilled in computers, and is fond of trains.

Childish, Excitable, Friendly, Computer Whiz, Party Animal

Selphie is packaged with default skin, and with some custom content that are not included. Clothing from some EPs are used too, but are completely optional.

Skin (default): Primer by Kurasoberina (HD+)
Hair: WingsSims TZ-0235 retextured by IfcaSims
Bangs: Newsea Hit the Lights bangs by mimisapje (sugary-plumb's retexture)
Eyebrows (default): Default brows by Simple Life
Eyes (contacts): Mouseyblue's Leftover eyes n19 converted by Brntwaffles
Dress (everyday): 4to3 Discover University Henley dress converted by roadkill-is-tasty
Shoes (everyday): Pets EP
Formal: 5th Avenue by TS3 Store, edited by Buckley (standalone version)
Top (sleepwear): Generations EP
Athletic (top/pants/shoes): Into the Future EP
Top (swimwear): Late Night EP
Shorts (swimwear): University Life EP
Outfit (outerwear): Winter Glaze coat by Anubis360
Shoes (outerwear): Seasons EP

Selphie is also created using some custom sliders listed below:

Hat slider by aWT
Head shape by Jonha
Head size/width by Jonha
Septum height/width, Jawline height/rotate/soften by aWT
Smooth face normals by Pu+Chi House
Jawline width, chin width, eye width, brow thickness by bella3lek4
Chin width by GnatGoSplat
Iris/pupil sliders by aWT
fixed eye mesh by Mahamundo
Eyelid height by oneeuromutt
Eyelid length/width by oneeuromutt
Upper/lower eyelid shape by oneeuromutt
Nostril rotate by aWT
Bridge of nose width by YSstudio

Custom Content by Me:
- Selphie Tilmitt

Additional Credits:
Square Enix, for Final Fantasy VIII and its characters
Final Fantasy font
Military pose pack by kosmokhaos
Cute girl pose pack by My Blue Book
Girl poses by noelyely
Simple poses by noelyely