Religious and politic fanatic tattoos

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Uploaded: 22nd Oct 2013 at 3:12 PM
Updated: 13th Nov 2013 at 12:54 AM
Are your Sims radical? Extreme? Do they enjoy the forbidden? Aren't them afraid of retaliation from society? Let them express their fanatic side!

With this set of tattoos your Sims can express what no one want them to express.
Religion? Politics? Tired of being judged because of your beliefs? Get over it! Now you can wear without fear the symbols that represent your fanatic side, your Sims will not have to give explanations!

Do you have fanatic Sims? Sims that would die for manifest what they have in their heads? This pack of tattoos can give them the freedom they desire! Anarchists, communists, Orthodox, jewish, buddhists, hinduists, satanic, catholics... they choose the symbol that represent them most!

Hope you like and enjoy.

Game requirements

To the tattoos being shown in the game you require the ambitions patch and over.


The tattoos are design for both gender, male & female.
If you have installed relative mods that affect the tattoo tool, as MasterController ExpandedTattoo Phase Six of NRaas Industries and base-mod, tattoos are avaible for toddlers to elders. If not, to young adults to elder.

The pack is devided in different sets so you can choose what set of tattoos to download, you can anyways download it full.

They all have one recolorable channel, the working channel in the recolorable panel is the penultimate one.

Additional credits:
Thanks to CmarNYC for his tattoinator tool for creation of custom tattoos.