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The Petite Party Dress

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Uploaded: 28th Dec 2013 at 12:34 AM
When I got Family Fun Stuff, I immediately took note of the long gown for girls. I've used bits and pieces of it for a number of projects, but I can't recall any Sim girl actually wearing that dress. It's just too long and impractical, and it looks pretty silly when they're climbing off the school bus. It's not completely ugly, though, so I thought I'd alter it. Here's the result: fifteen new party dresses for your little Sim girls.

The dresses come in three styles: multi, plain, and white. The original Maxis colours are included in each set.

I've set these as Everyday and Formal. The dresses use a new mesh, which is included in the zip file. A working fat morph is included (see the brown-haired girl with black glasses, above). No EPs or SPs are required.


Polygon Counts:
party dress = 2076

Additional Credits:
Most hair is by Maxis, with the exception of the long ponytail for girls (by melodie9) and the updo with the white bow for girls (by Trapping and remi). The pink hat is by Maxis, but it was age-converted by me.