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*Steampunk Set* pt.2 -edited

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Uploaded: 20th Jan 2014 at 8:24 PM
Updated: 30th May 2022 at 6:54 PM
Hello,as requested i did try to make some Steampunk-ish outfits for males. Well like i said - i am no good with male clothing,so bear me the feedback
Since many people were confused why i added the mesh files only,i'm not including them separately in this thread. You have both mesh&recolor in each rar. So if you're making a recolor,just put the mesh with your work and credit me(link to my page)

*Note I noticed a little issue,but it's fixed now. If you have downloaded the rars before,please re-download and replace the new mesh with the existing one on your downloads folder.

Read about the set:
*Three male outfits and one for female
*All outfits come with a new mesh
*Only female mesh has alpha parts(the bottom of the skirt and sleeve on one hand only)

Read about the recolors:
*Steam05(for male) - works for everyday
*Steam06(for male) - works for everyday and formal
*Steam07(for male) - works for everyday,formal and outwear
*Steam08(for female) - works for everyday and formal

More steampunk-ish clothing here

Polygon Counts:
Steam05 - Fc:2326 ,Vc:1756
Steam06 - Fc:2226 ,Vc:1719
Steam07 - Fc:2294 ,Vc:1869
Steam08 - Fc:2724 ,Vc:1876

Additional Credits:
Hairs: Steam05 - aikea_guinea (can be found on tsr)
Steam06 and 07 - Maxis
Steam08 - me,released here