Springy Sims

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Uploaded: 8th Apr 2014 at 1:26 AM
Spring is starting to make itself known in this part of the world. I noticed that my Sims had a bit of a spring in their step. I guess they're happy to see some warmer weather. To celebrate, I made my toddlers some new outfits. For the little girls, there's a long swing top over a white t-shirt and shorts. For the little boys, there's a pair of short overalls over a white-and-grey plaid shirt. Both outfits come with sandals. Click the spoiler button to see all the colours:

These outfits use a new mesh, which is included in the zip file. No EPs or SPs are required. The outfits are set as Everyday.


Polygon Counts:
swing top & shorts = 1612
short overalls & shirt = 1724

Additional Credits:
Thank you to all the hair creators!

Toddie Hair by Nouk, Adele, Remi & cheesecake_twins
Baby Flowers by natrobo
Short Straight Hair by melodie9
Curly Hair by Trapping & Nymphy
Maxis Flower Hats for Little Girls by fakepeeps7
Pin-up Pretty 3t2 by Bunhead
Bound Up Bows by Trapping & Remi
Short Bob by Trapping & Remi
Fauxhawk by melodie9
Comb to the Side Hair by melodie9
Short Sweet Bedhead by fanseelamb
"Cherub" Curly Hair by HystericalParoxysm
Short Feather Cowlick by Trapping, Remi & Artemida