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Real Estate Career

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Uploaded: 12th May 2014 at 1:11 AM
Updated: 10th Dec 2016 at 6:35 PM
December 2016: Fixed issue with incorrect bonus at levels 9 & 10. Thank to PanAm103 for reporting this! :D

Meet Andy Anderson!

Andy had always thought a career in the real estate business would be exciting. Plus, it would certainly pay well, right? Enough to move out of the apartment complex, that's for sure. Maybe even a sports car? Well perhaps if a real estate career came with The Sims 2, poor Andy could afford these things!

Fortunately, I set about creating just such a career for poor Andy, so he could fulfill the dream he had since creation.... about four days ago.

About This Career

  • No uniform required. I prefer to change my Sims' clothes daily. So just change into formal gear before work and you're set!
  • Realistic pay and working hours. This means 9am-5pm most days. :P
  • Non-ugly carpools, even at lower career levels.
  • Slower motive decay than Maxis careers. I find it unrealistic to think that a sim would not drink or pee during work hours.
  • Chance cards included at each level.
  • No friends requirement. I find it a bit of an unrealistic requirement. (Added a version with a friend req.)
  • Includes a new Icon Set!
  • Putting Green career reward.

EP-Ready. Must have one ep installed in order for this career to work.

With Thanks:
Emma Barrett
And of course, Andy Anderson and Carla Gianluca for testing the career.

Additional Credits:
Creators of SimPE