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Nose Contouring Blush

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Uploaded: 15th Aug 2014 at 2:53 PM
Hi everyone!

I'm very excited to have Finally finished this nose blush that I've been working on for quite a while - I always wanted to have something like this in my game: A nose contouring blush. I like to give my sims' faces different effects without having to tweak their face in CAS, so I decided to make some contouring blushes.

How does this blush actually work?
This nose contouring blush can be found under Makeup/Blushes and gives your sim multiple options to define, highlight or thin out their nose.
Picture below shows my model wearing the blush with 100% opacity. You can play around with the blush to give it all the effects on the nose you wish.
I highlighted the bridge of the nose and gave the outlining a darker shadow touch to define the nose and make it look slightly thinner.

The mask is giving you three color channels : (1) The tip and bridge of the nose, (2) the nostrils and slight outlining, and (3) the full nose outlining.

* Works great with all facial shapes and nose shapes
* Works great with all skintones, you can simply change the opacity and match the color with the skin
* Works for Females only, since males have a slightly different nose shape (UV). Might upload a male version soon!
* Comes with CAS thumbnial

Enjoy and happy simming

Model CC Pictured
Skintone: Rock The Sims Italy Realistic Skin
Curly hair: Fanashker Newsea Sexy Bomb Retexture