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Face contouring and defining makeup

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Uploaded: 16th Aug 2010 at 5:31 PM

Tired of huge foreheads? Want more depth and realisticness to sims faces?
Here you go, some instant contouring and detail creating make up!

It has three recolorable channels: temples, just underneath area of the cheekbones and overall depth color. And if you want just the temples to be highlighted, just make the cheek tint close to skin color.

This is for both genders, from teen to elder.
I made this to three different make up categories, eyeliner, blush and face mask, so that you can pick the one you think will be the most convenient for you, because I know that some users like to use contacts more than others, or eyeliner, etc.

CC on models:

Cherub curly hair by HP
Retro hair by Edakraft
Female brows by Nandonalt
Skins on males and retro-gal by Peggy zone(free)
and skin on red head by 234jiao
All other CC on their faces by me, can be found in my downloads section.