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Cheeky Blush Duo

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Uploaded: 6th Jul 2010 at 5:14 PM
Hey guys, I felt like making something quick and simple so I whipped up a few blushes for you.

These are pretty basic blushes, nothing spectacular. I have noticed, when making sims, that most blushes cover the edge of the cheekbones and not the apples. When they do cover the apples they always seem to come with chin and forehead blush or some kind of nose shine.

So, as a result of this, I wanted to make a very basic blush that covered the apples of the cheeks only. I came up with Cheeky v1:

I noticed that I took the blush up quite high and it was very close to the nose. It did, however, work well with the Opacity slider – you could have quite dark coverage or very subtle coverage, in which case you couldn’t tell that it was encroaching upon the eyelids – so I kinda liked it despite the large spread.

I figured I would make a smaller version, though, because I assumed some people wouldn’t want such full coverage… and I made Cheeky v2:

You can see it’s a smaller spread, a little further from the nose and eyes but still covers the apples of the cheeks. It works well with the opacity slider as well so I was pretty happy with it.

They are enabled for teen through elder for both males and females.
Hope you like them!


Additional Credits:
My model is wearing my Silk Skins and escand's Oh My Eyes.