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Adrienne du Pont

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Uploaded: 19th Aug 2014 at 8:25 PM
Updated: 20th Aug 2014 at 4:18 PM
Biography: Shy, humble, and independent would be three words to describe Adrienne. She spends most of her days dreaming of a better life for herself. She has always been intelligent, but prides herself in her creative work. She plays the violin and piano and is an avid painter. She loves the smell of lavender and feeling pretty.

Aspiration: Knowledge

She's vaguely inspired by both the main character in my favorite French film, le fabuleux destin d'amelie poulain and a tad bit of myself and my best friend in real life.

Here she is, relaxing on her bed doing her usual absent minded pondering...

I wanted her to wear something "pretty", but practical and a tad conservative because she's an artist, as well.

A collage of her performing her favorite various hobbies.

Custom Content by Me:
Adrienne, a sim by me

Custom Content Included:
- Brows3 - Brown - Zoej by Zoej / Modthesims.info
- -Lilith-TeaLeaf SitS Eyes-10 by Lilith-Sims / http://lilith-sims.tumblr.com/
- Skell's natural eyeshadow color by Skell / http://whattheskell.tumblr.com/
- Frosty PinkFile Edited with The Wardrobe Wrangler, version 1.1.3026.37483 by Skell / http://whattheskell.tumblr.com/
- JessiBlushEdit original02 - Voleste by Voleste / http://voleste.livejournal.com/
- Keoni's Two clean/simple eyeliners that works with most eyes by keoni / http://www.digitalperversion.net/
- Advent Freckles 04 Light - Voleste by Voleste / http://voleste.livejournal.com/
- -Lilith-Apple Pie Skinblend-light by Lilith-Sims / http://lilith-sims.tumblr.com/
- Cazy Porcelain Heart Retexture - Brisance by Time Paradox / http://www.digitalperversion.net/
- TS3>TS2 Conversion of Cazy's porcelain heart hair by Cazy / Thesimsresource.com
- Witheredlilies' "Sophie" top for adult females in teal. by Witheredlilies / http://witheredlilies.livejournal.com/
- Witheredlilies' "Sophie" top mesh for adult females. by Witheredlilies / http://witheredlilies.livejournal.com/
- AmaryllFile Edited with The Wardrobe Wrangler, version 1.1.3026.37483 by Witheredlilies / http://witheredlilies.livejournal.com/
- Witheredlilies' skirt mesh with Amaryll's flats for adult females by Witheredlilies / http://witheredlilies.livejournal.com/

Additional Credits:
Lilith, Amaryll, Witheredlilies, Zoej, Voleste, Skell, Jessi, Cazy, Pooklet, Sims 2 Default Database,

sleepytabby for helping me in the creator's feedback forum