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Working EA Corset Conversion

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Uploaded: 12th Sep 2014 at 9:46 PM
As some of you may know, I recently made for The Sims 3 a corset that actually does what a corset should do, and pinch the waist for that hourglass figure.

I have done the same thing with the corset that came with The Sims 4, along with some texture changes and shading.

This is NOT a conversion from The Sims 3, this is made using a Sims 4 mesh

Now when your sim laces herself into one of these, she will instantly aquire that pinup hourglass figure.

It works for all body types, and works with all the sculpting tools. Just make your sim as normal, the corset will do the rest!

Available in 11 colours, all packaged into a single file:

White w/Black lace
Red w/Black lace
Deep Red
Deep Red w/Black lace
Purple w/Black lace
Deep Purple
Deep Purple w/Black lace

By the way, this is a new item, so will have it's own icon in the list, and all the colour swatchs are present making it easy to find the colour option you want.

The icons with the square buckle on are the colours w/black lace.


Polygon Counts:
Poly Count: 4184

Additional Credits:
Colour Magic
S4 Mesh Tools