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Denim Skirt Collection #1

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Uploaded: 21st Aug 2014 at 9:38 AM
Greeting again simmers.

This is a simple collection of five skirts in denim.

Five skirts in different lengths:


All are CAStable, and come with three presets, Black, Light Grey and Blue. The colour of the Denim is CAStable, the button details are a fixed overlay.

Note I: As always, it's quite difficult to get denim to look good in white ingame whilst at the same time keeping the texture in other colours. What I will most likely do is create seperate ones and reduce the multiplier so it doesn't make the white look "dirty".

Note II: "Mini" and "Micro" require Late Night expansion, the other three are all base game compatible.

Polygon Counts:
Knee Length: 778
Maxi Length: 872
Micro Length: 864
Midi Length: 778
Mini Lenght: 908

Additional Credits:
As always everyone involved in researching and creating the tools available.