IKEA Mirrors Countered

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Uploaded: 12th Sep 2014 at 10:04 PM
Updated: 30th Jan 2015 at 9:32 PM
Update - 30/01/2015
Michelle kindly informed me that the glass on the MONGSTAD mirror was horribly off. I've remeshed both of the mirrors, since I wasn't entirely happy with the HEMNES either. Please download the new files and let them overwrite the old.

Apparently bathrooms and IKEA mirrors are my thing lately. I was staring at one of my lots and realized that apart from proper two-tile mirrors, the game also lacks a variation of counterheight mirrors (that don't clip the sink or counter). So I went back to my good old IKEA friends. I resized the mesh, made sure the shadows and reflections matched up and texture-linked these to the original IKEA mirrors. These do not replace the original Maxis mirrors, they have a custom GUID, because the more the better!

The Details
Hemnes Mirror
Decorative > Mirrors
§ 100
Polycount: 458

Mongstad Mirror
Decorative > Mirrors
§ 100
Polycount: 94

Both tested in a BG+IKEA AGS environment.

Polygon Counts:
See post

Additional Credits:
IgnorantBliss for the awesome tutorial on repo-linking stuff.
Leefish for teaching me about wallshadows and making me realize how much I'd miss Milkshape...