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Free Time Sewing Machine Re-colours

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Uploaded: 22nd Sep 2014 at 7:29 PM
Hi, coming out of my retro thing for a bit I realised that the sewing machine (FT) was driving me a bit nuts. I have a lot of very modern houses with cool interiors and as most of my Sims sew, the machine was doing the rooms no favours no matter where I put them.

So I had a go at re-colouring them. I wanted plain but modern, I looked at the new machines and they are all plastic, so I choose that as a texture for the machine itself. There are no markings at all on the original apart from a very small rim at the base and the flower pattern, all mine really do is change the appearance and lose the decoration.
I thought about how I would change this in real life and the first thing had to be the wood, so that has had a bit of a make-over.
The patterns on the table are now fabric just for fun and variety.
The wheels have been refurbished too. One in sliver driftwood, gold looking carved wood left over from a cabinet and a match for the white wood table.
I covered the frame with an iron texture. This is a simple re-colour as I attempted at first to keep all the bits on the original until I realised that's what I was trying to get rid of. It still has its shadows but looks like it has been repainted (desired result). Hopefully they look like my art students spent the weekend tarting them up.
They look good in my game, I hope they come in useful somewhere. I may do more, see how these go first.

It needs Free Time - found in Hobbies/misc/£1,250 zip contains the three re-colours and a pic of them all.
If you want to use these as a base for more re colours go for it, the textures are royalty free so I can claim no ownership. A link would be nice though :-)

Additional Credits:
Credits- Thanks very much to all the SimPE guys who without there wouldn't be any fun like this. EAxais for the Sims 2. Oh and my old rig for allowing me to sit here and abuse it 24/7 :-)