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Retro Stereos with Decks Re colours

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Uploaded: 21st Sep 2014 at 11:29 AM
I have a bit of a retro thing going on at the moment so when I wanted a few decks in my game I found they were a bit well...twee. I grew up in the 70s and knew they could look better so here are 4 re colours that add a bit of glam rock to their appearance.

The Pampered Sounds stereos need Glamour Life. I used black and silver brushed steel on the body and updated the grills. They can now sit in any room without clashing or looking like an elderly aunt.

The Hi Fi Vintage Turntable came with Free Time. I covered one in blonde wood and added a blue fabric to the turntable deck. I put the Bee Gees Tragedy LP on the speaker.

The other I used grey metal for the body and shelves and made the speakers black, and left Pink Floyd, Dark Side Of The Moon on the speaker.

Both have had their contents changed to add a bit of interest and variety. Both have had speaker grill make overs too.

They all have slots so you can dress them up or leave them tidy, I like to smother mine with junk :-) I hope they add a bit of retro edge to your simmies rooms.

The zip contains all re colours, all files are clearly labelled and there are 4 pictures included so you know what they look like once they have vanished into the game.

No pay-sites, no TSR, if you use any of these textures a link back here would be appreciated thanks.

Additional Credits:
Thanks to all the SimPE guys who made this much fun possible.