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Eight Elements - Pet Jobs

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Uploaded: 18th Oct 2014 at 12:15 PM
Updated: 20th Oct 2023 at 11:12 PM

Now downloadable 'by Element'
Do you only want Fire and Thunder? Or maybe Light, Dark and Earth? Now you can pick and choose only the elements you truly care about.

Downloading 'by Element' - About Carpools
Each zip 'by element' contains both possibilities of carpools, Ancient vehicles or Regular (modern cars), and they override each other, so please use ONLY ONE of those pet careers for each element. Also, those zips all come with a folder filled with the Ancient carpools. You don't need it if you only play the Regular pet careers, and you don't need multiple copies of that folder if you play the Ancient ones.


Sooo... our Wizards have had companions since forever, thanks to FennShysa. But what about other adventurers? Warriors, Knights, Rogues, Pirates, Berzerkers, Ninjas... Can't they have pets, too? As companions or...

...as HELPERS? Taking part to the adventure, or even to the battles? How would you like Pets able to handle the Elements*?

Well, there you go. Eight Pet Careers for your Adventurers' companions, one for each of the following elements :

Water, Fire, Wind, Darkness, Energy, Ice, Earth and Light.

They are all English-only, but the right career will show up, no matter what language you play your game in.

There's pretty little orb-like Custom Icons for each career, and there's Chance Cards for all levels. Not like the Maxis ones - try them, they're worth it. Just be careful what you pick depending who you are. For example, a Dark Demon should never reject a fight, an Ice Fiend takes a bad risk by hanging out with a Fire Demon, and a Hero should not get involved with a pet who has evil plans.

There's two versions, one uses the normal Maxis carpools, while the other uses Hexameter/Fennshysa's Ancient vehicles as carpools, which are the Horse, Rendez-Vous Handsome and Victorian Coach.

Every career has its unique GUID and won't override anything, except the Ancient vs Normal same career WILL override each other. For example, the Fire Demon Ancient career WILL conflict with the Fire Demon Normal career - if you install both, one of them will not show up in the game. So please use one version at a time. You can use 4 Normal and 4 Ancient if you want variety, just don't use two versions of the same element.

*These are simple careers, and they don't give your pets real special powers. It could get really annoying if they did.

Thank you for checking it out. Have fun!


Additional Credits:
Hexameter and FennShysa for the vehicles and permission to use them for Career uploads.
MTS, for the opportunity to share with others!