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Asian Project - The Medallion Set

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Uploaded: 22nd Jun 2007 at 2:52 PM
Updated: 12th May 2022 at 4:43 PM - Pics
Asian Project - The Medallion Set

Pics redone (April 2022)
Hi there!

I'd like to wish a happy St-Jean Baptiste (Bonne St-Jean!) to all Simmers from Québec, our Belle Province!

This set is continuing my Asian Project with a collection of 21 walls and 12 floors.

17 wallpapers,
4 panels,
6 carpets,
2 concrete floors,
4 stone floors

If you download all 3 sets (Chinoiserie, Samarkand and this one), you'll end up with 22 new floors and 104 new walls.

There is a collection file! No need to browse your 100,000 custom walls/floors to find them.

Everything was tested in-game and all seams are nearly invisible, unless you try the wallpapers on several-story walls.

You can balance the decorative walls with their matching plain walls for multiple possibilities. You can even make a fake closet for your sims with the framed walls!

Borders were taken from Maxis' walls so they match with a lot of things in the game.

I really hope you'll like this set as much as I do. Please click the "Thank you" button for my hard work (I was a newbie)!

Ciao ! xx

Additional Credits:
The beautiful Light Beige decorative texture was taken from : ~York Wall Coverings~ in 2007, I don't think they sell it anymore; the other textures were made from it in Photoshop, by me; plus Maxis for the borders/frames.
The gorgeous Beddings, Bed Blankets and Cushions textures are by Droopsi, on MTS, here, here, here and here. She has all the proper credits mentioned on her posts for the meshes.
Brown wood floor, beige wood floor, black wall/carpet and green coffee table are from my other sets, available on MTS.
Bedroom 'rug' is not a rug, it's a mix of different carpets from this set.
Maxis furniture and deco; many OMSPs from MTS.