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FreeTime: Ballet Leotards Collection

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Uploaded: 2nd Nov 2014 at 4:10 PM
Updated: 16th Oct 2016 at 6:05 PM
EDIT: Hey guys, I’ve added 2 more sets of recolours: Neons & Vivids for AF/AM. I’ve also retook all the photos for the Pastels collection. None of the Pastels Collection has been modified.

The Neons for Young/Adult Males have been requested by tzigany.

I was really happy on how well my pastel collection did on MTS that I decided to make a few more recolour collections. If you’ve not realised by now, I love using these ballet leotards for my sims, I don’t really think I use anything else when it comes to athletic clothing. I’ve always wanted a wider range of colours for the ballet leotards for my sims to workout out in. Who doesn’t?

I will also reshoot the photos for AM/YM once I have time.

Today I present to you.. A range of recolours in: pastel, neon and vivid shades.

I’ve made the PASTEL collection for AF/YA AM/YA and they can be found under Everyday and Athletic.

I’ve made the NEON & VIVID collection for AF/YA AM/YA and it can be found under Athletic only.

*Requires FreeTime*
*I’ve named all the package files by colour in case you’d like to chose certain colours only.*

Additional Credits:
All textures are by EA/Maxis.

Thanks to these creators for making my Sim models gorgeous! 
-Hair by: FanSeeLamb , Nouk , Maxis, Pooklet , Ciboulettebis , Cleo
-Eyebrows by: Bruno
-Eyes by: EA/ Maxis
-Make up by: Bruno
-Piercings by: Dezeedoesdance , Sleepless_angel , BlackFairy , Aikea Guniea
-Skins by: SleepyTabby

-Wallpaper by: Parasimonious
-Floor by: Mango Sims
-Lights by: Parasimonious

-BodyShop and Photoshop!
-Tutorial by Faylen :lovestruc