Kitchen & Bathroom Stuff: Lingerie Recolours Set of 3 *EDITED*

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Uploaded: 4th Jan 2016 at 8:23 PM
Updated: 11th Sep 2016 at 9:33 PM
*EDITED* I have added 2 more Sets to download to this upload.

Hey guys,

Today I present to you a collection of 3 sets of different recolours of Maxis Lingerie from the Kitchen & Bathroom Stuff pack; the lingerie has matching heeled slippers (Perfect for the boudoir!) I do know most people are not a fan of them though but I am big fan of them and would like to keep them how they are.

Recolouring Maxis clothing is one of my favourite things to do as I always want more of the same in different shades for my Sims as I like to suit colours to skin tones and personalities and also its nice for them to have a range to chose from when they are out shopping. Not only that it also it helps me learn how to expand my skills.

Here is Set 1: The 4 colours are named Boysenberry, Garnet, Indigo & Juniper: Luxurious jewel-tones that give off a sensual and seductive vibe.

Here are my swatches vs the original:

In Set 2: The 8 colours are named Amethyst, Cerulean, Olive, Pea, Poppy, Seafoam, Turmeric & Waterlily; a collection of feminine, casual yet sexy lingerie.

& Set 3: The names of the 6 colours are Astral, Lemon, Mint, Taffy, Tangerine & Teal; a softer and more playful range.

*These recolours are for AF sims and shows up in Undies categories.*
*No mesh is required but the Kitchen & Bathroom Stuff pack is required.*
*I have named all the package files by colour in case you would like to choose certain colours only.*
* Do NOT reupload, modify or claim as your own. *

Additional Credits:
All textures are by EA/Maxis.

Thanks to these creators for making my Sim models gorgeous!

Skin by: Sleepy Tabby
Eyes by: Bruno Sugar & Caffeine
Hair by:JulieJ Newsea SkySims
Make up by: Bruno SimpleLife Rensims Vigaku

-Wallpaper by:Parasimonious Maxis
-Floor by: Maxis
-Furniture by: Adele Maxis Mango
-Pose Box by:Decorgal

-Tutorials by Faylen