Sofa Of Substance & Luxuriary King Armchair Retextures

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Uploaded: 17th Nov 2014 at 5:44 AM
Ok, so have another. I think this'll be the last one I do for a while. No, wait! That isn't true. I need to do the Mission set from OFB before I stop with the seating sets. And maybe...Ah, never mind. Anyway, here, have the fancy basegame Sofa of Substance and the fancy Luxuriary King Armchair retextured/recolored.

These pieces don't really match, but they kinda sorta go together in style. Plus, there are completer pieces for both of these floating around out there, made by various people, so... Anyway, since they're expensive and fancy, I thought they needed expensive and fancy fabric. damask it was. I also recolored the legs of each in a dark wood (My "Espresso" color, actually) to match each other as well. Dark wood = fancy and expensive, you know, and the sofa's original texture has goofy-looking light wood legs. And then I picked 12 Crayola colors to plop on the upholstery, mostly muted/pastel colors, nothing really loud, so as not to counteract the refined and tasteful fancy and all.

Here's a larger pic to show the texture better:

And here are the colors:

Files are compressed, clearly-named, blah blah. I uploaded each separately so you can have one without the other if you so choose.