Preston Sarin (sims 4 edition)

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Uploaded 23rd Dec 2014 at 3:23 AM

Hey everyone! this guy was one of my favorite sims I've ever made, and you all agreed, as he is the most downloaded sim of mine on MTS, and the most downloaded thing in general. So, I thought it would be fun to attempt to create him in sims 4.

One of the things most off about him is his nose- as far as I could tell, you can define the noses too much. And his skin color! Once the skin isn't considered 'pale' anymore, they start to look weird in my opinion. Too bad I couldn't find any could 'down' hairstyles like what was on the sims 3 version of him. Someone should convert ALL of Lapiz's male hair!

His bio is the same .

Preston is the youngest of seven children. His mom is a Spanish American and lived there all her life. His dad on the other hand was from India, but moved to America because of the better job prospects, since he is a pediatrician.

As Preston was growing up, his dad saw the potential in him to follow in his footsteps. He wanted Preston to be in the medical field as well. Many of his other siblings just 'weren't cut out' for it (or already stated it wasn't happening), but his dad saw the spark in him right for a position in the medical field.

Preston really didn't want to disappoint his dad because they were very close. However, medicine wasn't his passion. He loves any and everything to do with computers! If only his dad could understand. To this day, he enjoys fiddling with his computer, and more than anything, his career as a video game developer.

He doesn't always feel like he fits in... unlike most twenty six year olds, you won't see him hanging at his local bar or going to too many parties. He is a rather a loner. He isn't a loner by choice necessarily, but because he doesn't feel that people... have enough depth. Most people just live life as it is, but Preston contemplates life and what it means in general. It's not an easy concept to explain, but he feels it to the core of his being.



When I was taking pictures of him, he kept turning his head from side to side, looking with that raised eyebrow expression. It was pretty humorous.

Hair(Lapiz Zombrex Conversion by Kazarin)
Facial hair Hair(by Simenapule)
face mask (non-default)(by sclub)
eyebrows (06 by s-club)
default eyes (natural eyes Vampire_aninyosaloh)
Eyelashes default eyes (eyelashes by Vampire_aninyosaloh)