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Winter Skirts

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Uploaded: 18th Feb 2015 at 12:55 AM
Here are a few more basic bottoms for your little Sim girls. This skirt comes in two styles. The velvet skirt comes in six pastel colours (grey, pink, yellow, green, aqua, and lavender) and is paired with white tights and black shoes.

The cotton skirt comes in three variations: black skirt with grey tights and red shoes, navy skirt with blue tights and navy shoes, and red skirt with black tights and gold shoes.

These skirts use a new mesh, which is included. It has a working fat morph (click the spoiler button to see the fat morphs). No EPs or SPs are required. And the skirts are set as Everyday, of course.


Polygon Counts:
skirt with tights = 1022

Additional Credits:
All hairstyles are by Maxis. The Buddy Holly-style glasses are by tamo and can be found here.

All tops are by me and can be found here on MTS.