Hawaiian Prints

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Want to go on vacation to Hawaii and lounge around in a cute beach house but don't have the bucks to travel? Then why not plaster your walls and furniture with these two prints and bring Hawaii to your simmies.

The stencils were made by me. I used Create a Pattern to make them so they are in Sims3packs. The background can be any color you want. The stencils were designed to be white on any color background. It is possible to slightly alter some of the stencil colors but not effectively - you'll get weird colors on some of the stencils - so don't try. The stencils were designed to stay white on whatever background color you want.

Print 1:

Print 2:

You'll find these under "Fabric."

Additional Credits:
Create a Pattern

Adobe Photoshop

In-Game Category: Fabric

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