Perfect Pardise! A relaxing place after a long day! (Little CC)

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Uploaded: 7th Jun 2015 at 10:01 AM
Updated: 20th Jun 2015 at 12:34 AM

So, I had been working on this lot for about two days. It's a beach lot with a restaurant on it. My favorite part about it is the beach. Go to the lot at night to for the maximum effect of the lights! It is really pretty. I love the beach, so it inspired me to create something like this. I did not use that much CC. You'll see it's mainly by the beach where I used it. I went in the lot to make sure that everything was accessible to the sims and they were not blocked or anything. So hopefully you will have no problems with your sims getting around. There is a little bathroom area on the side (kind of an awkward position for it, but I thought about it at the last minute, but at least there is one) for you sims incase you are playing without any cheats like "maxmotives" XD. Anyways, This would be a nice addition to your neighborhood. Remember, it's a beach lot, so you need to place it in a neighborhood that has a road near water. If you'd like me to create more stuff, let me know! I'd love to hear from anyone. When I'm not busy or too tired from work, I'll try to build more. Also, I only have the Sims 2, so I won't be building anything in the Sims 3 or 4. I've tried the Sims 3, did not work on my computer and I'm not going to try the Sims 4. I'm happy with the sims 2 anyways. If you're wondering, I've played the Sims 2 for like eight years. I had an old modthesims account, but I lost it. So I made another one back in December. This is actually my first upload on here ever. I used to just download stuff. Now I'm thinking to maybe try and build more lots to put on here. I'll probably only post lots. I'm not really sure how to create mods and other things like that. But building is my main thing, so I think I'll stick to it!

I hope everyone enjoys this lot! Tell me what you think of it!

Beach lot
Price (furnished):
Lot Size: 3x5

Custom Content Included:
- Pink Bermuda Sand by alkaloid
- Transitional Water Over Pink Sand 2 by alkaloid
- Sparkling Water by alkaloid
- Hard Wood Floors by TheKrillsta
- Tiny ceiling Light (base game) by senesi2003
-Recolorable wooden stairs by Numenor
- Dune sand by Margierytka
- Chinese Lantern - Blue by nicvncnt
- Chinese Lantern - Purple by nicvncnt