Great Dane (4 Colors)

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Uploaded: 6th Jul 2015 at 9:12 PM
Updated: 12th Jul 2015 at 5:21 PM

I've made 4 of these huge dogs, called Great Dane. I've had a special thing for this breed since a good friend of mine got two of them, one blue and one black, so i thought why not give it a shot and try make these as good as possible?

Sliders used:
Back lenght slider by Rockerduck:
Chest slider for dogs by PharaohHound:
Body Size Slider by OneEuroMutt:

All three sliders + many more found here:

Colors on these dogs are Blue, Brindle, Harlequin and Yellow, picture's in order.

Blue Playful, Likes Swimming, Noisy.
Brindle Genious, Lazy, Loyal.
Harlequin Hyper, Genious, Piggy.
Yellow Non-Destructive, Quite, Lazy.

Please Read

The dogs are, as said, made with sliders that causes glitching when the dogs do certain things, for example; their paws is going through the floor while standing (look at full body pictures), but to me, that isn't such a big deal.

And these beasts by the way only lives for about 8 years so take really good care of them
Happy simming!

x krooooon